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Marketing with a Cause

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$199.99 / month

When you choose Zoek as your digital marketing agency, you'll also support our “Marketing with a Cause” initiative. We've partnered with local charity Second Harvest Food Bank, a hunger-relief program, to fight against hunger in Orange County. With a network of 320 community partners that distribute healthy and nutritious food items to 440 Orange County locations, Second Harvest Food Bank serves tens of thousands of hungry families every month. 


By signing up with Zoek for your digital marketing services, a portion of your purchases and monthly bill will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank's hunger-relief program. While many marketing companies work with local businesses, Zoek aims to go a step further. We don't just support local businesses; we also want to offer local community support. By reaching out to provide help to those in need through “Marketing with a Cause,” we place our focus on charitable marketing and giving back to the community. And, as our client, you'll be a part of this effort. Join us in our mission to make marketing more charitable!

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