Top Service-Based Businesses that REALLY Benefit from Local SEO

Have you ever wondered if your business would really benefit from local SEO services? Well, wonder no more! We have a list of the top service-based businesses that would really benefit from local SEO services. Of course, it's important to remember that SEO services are useful for EVERY business--this article simply focuses on the local, brick-and-mortar stores.

Local contractors – the “problem solvers”

Local contractors provide lots of valuable and in-demand services: painting, roofing, flooring, appliance repair, concrete services, chimney sweeping… the list goes on and on! People everywhere need these types of services, so you can bet that local contractors are never going to go out of demand. But for customers to find the best problem solvers around, they need to be able to look for local contractors. This makes local contractors some of the best candidates for local SEO services.


Whenever people travel, the first thing they consider is where they are going to stay. Whether they are on the road and just need a place to rest for the night, or they want to stay at a vacation spot for weeks, their experiences rely heavily on the quality of their accommodations. In big cities, there is a lot of competition for customers, while in smaller towns, it can be difficult to draw in customers. But no matter where you are, it’s important to optimize your website and listings with local SEO so that your customers can easily find you. An important factor to consider with hospitality is Yelp: people will almost always look at Yelp reviews for hotels and resorts. Make sure you keep your Yelp listing up to date, and respond to negative and positive reviews alike to show potential customers that you are active and attentive.


When people are looking for restaurants, the first thing they do is search in a specific area. Sometimes they use the terms “near me,” and sometimes they use queries such as “Italian restaurant in Little Italy”. Whatever the case is, you need to optimize your website and business listings to appeal to these specific areas people are searching for. Another reminder: Just like with the hospitality businesses, people will often look at Yelp before contacting you, so you need to keep this listing up to date.


This makes perfect sense—you really can’t be a realtor who doesn’t specialize in a specific location. Realtors are experts in their own local area. Even if they serve multiple cities, they still need to be found using specific locations. Simply put, this means that a realtor will definitely benefit from investing in local SEO services.

Specialty stores

When people are searching for specialty stores, they generally want to come in and browse. They’re not expecting to be able to order collectibles or special edition pieces online. Whether you own a pawn shop, antique store, local boutique or bookstore, or maybe even a store for pets, people will be delighted to come to you to do their shopping. And in order to do this, they have to be able to find you!

Can you think of any other businesses that would really benefit from local SEO services? Would YOUR business really benefit from some marketing help? If so, let us know! We’ll be happy to set up a demo or you can talk to one of our personal marketing consultants about your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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