6 Tips to Make Social Media Work for You

Social media is here and it's here to stay. We've all grown accustomed to checking our social media accounts daily, and even hourly. Can you imagine social media going away? Neither can we. Social media is not just a tool to keep connected with your friends, but it's also a powerful tool to grow your business and brand.

Standing out from the millions of other posts on all the social media channels requires a little thinking and creativity. We're here to guide you onto the correct path. Don't get stuck using the same templates for posting over and over again! Don't bore your followers--switch it up, and stand out.

Here are 6 different types of social media posts that you can utilize to grow your business and/ or brand.

Provide Tips

Everyone likes tips. You do, and we do, too. If you're an expert in your industry, begin by providing tips via social media. First, you'll be helping out your current clients, and new potential clients. Second, tips are something that we all enjoy sharing, so you'll increase the likelihood of your post getting seen by more people. Third, even if your post doesn't get shares, your followers will now know to keep an eye out for your posts since they contain helpful tips. It's a win for everyone involved.

Ask Your Followers Questions

Post questions that you have on your mind. This will encourage your followers to engage with your posts. People like sharing their opinions, so give them the opportunity to do so by asking them questions. Respond to the answers to further encourage a dialogue between you and your followers. This will be great for you and your business. The questions can be related to your industry or something more on the "fun" side of the spectrum.

Become A Curator

What does this mean exactly? It means sharing anything that you find interesting while browsing your own social media accounts. If you find an interesting tweet, don't be afraid to retweet it. If you find an entertaining video, don't be afraid to share it with your own followers. Sharing interesting content can be very powerful on social media. Some of the biggest influencers on social media are primarily curators of content.

Comment On Interesting Events

Social media can sometimes act as our global break room and lunchroom. Plenty of discussions occur that are not always business related. People will be people, and that means we're all interested in current events. You can use this to your advantage by commenting on relevant movies, events, news, shows, business and/ or products. If your followers agree with you, they'll have no issues sharing your commentary. As a side note, be cautious when it comes to controversial topics, such as religion and politics.

Create Shareable Content

Are you creative? Do you know someone who's creative in your industry? Consider creating relevant memes, interesting pictures, videos, and infographics. These are very popular and will increase the likelihood of your content being shared by your followers. Often times, these are the types of content that go viral.

Begin A Poll

Twitter and Facebook offer the possibility of creating polls for your followers to engage with. Begin a poll that's fun and relevant to your industry. We all like to give our opinions, so this is another great way for your followers to share their opinions with you. You can even begin a poll to get feedback on something you're currently working on. If you're in the tech industry you can begin a poll for something like 'Uber or Lyft?' If you're in the music industry you can try 'Bruno Mars or Justin Bieber?' Don't be afraid to experiment.

Are you eager to get started, but still not certain where to begin? Give us a call. We're more than willing to help you get started and give you answers to your questions. Social media is vital to your business, so don't do yourself a disservice by opting out of it. Grow your customer base, business, and profits with social media.

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