5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Focus on content creation.

Whether you’ve tried blogging before or have shrugged it off as a waste of time, the numbers don’t lie: Google values fresh, high-quality content, and that’s not going to change any time soon. But it doesn’t have to be a daunting endeavor: blogging is free and doesn’t have to take a ton of time. You can easily start up a blog on Wix, Wordpress, or Blogger. Worried you aren’t a great writer? Take the time to check your grammar using the free resource Grammarly. Wondering what to write about? Check out our post on brainstorming blog topics, or try one of these time-tested topics:

  • Writing a how-to post in your area of expertise

  • Compose a numbered list of the top 10 things about your industry or 5 ways you can help your clients understand your industry better (maybe like this post!).

  • Tips and tricks to save time or money

2. Make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Did you know that most people use mobile devices to search for local business services? They want to get important information while they’re on the go, and they want to get it in a clear and concise manner. When was the last time you tried to enlarge the text on a page designed only for computer screens? Probably not any time recently! Instead, you pressed “back” and looked for another site that was better designed to fit your screen. So make sure your site is mobile-friendly (and if you don’t have a site or a mobile-friendly site, we can help with that!).

One other tip: Be sure your local listings are up to date and consistent across the web. These are the blurbs that will show up when people find you online, so it’s important that all your listings are accurate. You don’t want someone to find you and end up calling the wrong number, or going to a site you no longer update. If you're confused about this, Zoek is ready to help!

3. Try building a custom app.

By now, you’ve probably used dozens of apps on your phone. But have you considered building an app for your business? Apps aren’t only good for playing fun games or watching Netflix—they’re also useful for potential customers or satisfied customers to find out more about your services. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can build an app to help customers place their orders online. Or you can send out exclusive offers through an app or mailing list. Zoek offers app-building services to help you out. We can walk you through what we offer and how the app can be customized to your industry and personal needs.

4. Get into video.

Video editing is something that puts a lot of people off: it’s time consuming and seems really difficult to those who have never tried it. But did you know that you can do a lot of editing right from Youtube? There are lots of ways you can customize and clean up your videos without spending a ton of time and effort on them.

Of course, sometimes it’s just better to hire professionals. If you don’t want to spend the time figuring it out or you’d like some special graphics or music inserted in your video that you just can’t do yourself, there’s no problem reaching out. There are lots of great resources out there that don't have to cost an arm and a leg.

5. Try hiring the pros!

Okay, so we’ve pitched our services several times throughout the article. What can we say—we feel confident in our ability to help our clients rank! However, if you are still on the fence about hiring experts, let us show you an example of how hiring digital marketing experts can help you out.

Photo courtesy of Moz.com: http://moz.com/learn/local/digital-marketing-options

If you take a look at this image, you’ll see how much time is spent on an activity versus how much money you can spend on it. It also shows how simple it can be to do it yourself versus hiring some help: You’ll see that video, blogging, website SEO, and mobile apps are all down where you might need some extra help. They tend to not be as time-intensive; however, that’s because the pros are used to doing these things and can get them done in a reasonable amount of time. Many of them cost a little more to get set up, but they also reap benefits (with the exception of blogging—it’s not as complicated and isn’t expensive, but it sure takes up time!).

So if you’re still thinking about it, take these facts into consideration. If you’re interested in chatting with one of our personal marketing assistants, we’d be happy to answer your questions or give you a tour of our services.

Is there another strategy you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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